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The "New Television Bureau" designs, plans and develops systems for production and operation for broadcasting Radio and Telemedia-Services.
The owner Mark Polderman is a consulting Engineer and shares no affiliation or sales contracts with system providers or manufacturers. The services of "New Television Bureau" are inde­pendent. Our only commitment is to our clients’ interests and needs.
Our team is comprised of Engineers academically qualified in media information technology. We understand ourselves to be “Architects of the new television world.”

Our customers are leading providers of advanced broadband, IP and communications technology, infrastructure and platform providers, IPTV and mobile networks, media companies and terminal manufacturers. We consult them in all technology and standardization aspects of
T-DMB, DVB-H, IPTV, HDTV and streaming media systems.

Our Mission

“New Television Bureau’s” highly qualified consultants and engineers will help you develop the right strategies to position yourself within the TV market of the next generation. Our mission is to give you reliable, expert, straight-talking advice which will bring profit to your company.

We offer our national and international clients qualified consulting coupled with strategically focused engineering services for the new digital interactive TV. That includes Mobile TV broadcasting (DMB or DVB-H), TV over IP, HDTV, streaming media and much more. We know the digital TV market in Germany, its participants and rules and can respond dynamically to market change.

For more information, see our brochure: BFNF-image_brochure-EN.pdf [259 KB]

New Television is:

Television over Internet Protocol
IPTV or "TV over DSL"

Mobile Television

High Definition Television

Television on the Computer
Web TV and Peer-to-Peer TV

Video on Demand

About the owner

Mark Polderman is a pioneer in the field of “digital TV” and part of a select class of successful consultants who have played roles in shaping one of the first mobile TV and IPTV Platforms in Germany. Mark has over 10 years of professional experience in the TV market in Germany and the Know-How to find realistic solutions for the current capabilities without losing sight and capacity for innovation in the future. In 1994 he conducted his first digital TV Project. Many companies since then have chosen Mark and his team at the “New Television Bureau” their work in the TV, media and internet industry including “Studio Hamburg Atelierbetrieb”, Euro I, Bertelsmann Broadband Group, MFD, Sportainment, mecum, Hansenet to name just a few. In 2005 Mark Polderman established the “New Television Bureau” and has since been working as an independent business consultant.

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