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“New Television Bureau” will support you to utilize all the new opportunities of digital interactive television and help you in your decision-making process. We offer comprehensive consulting in the following fields:
  • Business models
  • Service development
  • Market entry
  • Advise on potential Partners
  • Negotiation support
  • Value added services
  • Formats and content
  • Technology solutions and IT infrastructures

  • Specification
    We provide technical information and know-how across all media platforms. We assist and advise you on specifications for functions, properties, protocols, standards and interfaces from:
  • Terminals
  • Applications and Clients
  • Submitter or server based systems
  • Headend and backend systems

  • Concepts and development
    We create concepts and successfully develop:
  • Interactive Services
       -  Navigation design
       -  Interaction design
       -  Communication models
  • System architecture
  • Network configurations
  • Workflows

  • Project planning
    Profit from our experience in the following Project planning fields:
  • Strategic planning
  • Sourcing
  • Commission
  • Project management
  • Project controlling
  • Implementation
  • Operation launch
  • Final acceptance testing 
  • Training

  • Target Group
    The clients of the “New Television Bureau" are:
  • Media Companies (articularly TV/radio stations, music labels or film studios)
  • TV service enterprises
  • Broadband common carriers
  • IPTV and Mobile operators
  • Content Providers
  • Multiple system operators 

  • Why choose “New Television Bureau”
    We will help you to:
  • Reduce product development cycle time and costs
  • Reduce your Time-to-Market
  • Increase product reliability
  • Increase return efficiency
  • Increase earnings

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